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Overall objectives

The association is meant towards the contribution to the improvement in the mental health, working conditions in companies and organizations as well as the education system both within and outside the borders of Togo.

Specific objectives

The association operates in three specific areas:

  • 1) Health psychology
  • Promotion of physical and mental health, and the well-being of the population;
  • Supporting of the mental disabled;
  • Providing help for the realisation and the equipment of sanitation and education facilities, and vocational training ;
  • Promotion of trade system and cultural melting pot for a sustainable development, a crucial factor for the blossoming of human-being;
  • Information of the population about the prevention of social scourges such as drug addiction, alcoholism … and their impact on economic social development;
  • Providing help to population in the event of disasters (flooding, accidents, fire...)
  • Etc..
  • 2) Psychology of working and organizations
  • Recruitment and assessment of the personnel
  • Career management and balance sheet of competences
  • Motivation et implication au travail
  • Motivation and implication at work
  • Jobs and skills management
  • Development and human resources
  • Occupational ergonomics
  • Organizational justice
  • Health and professional diseases
  • Working conditions, flexibility and mobility
  • Conflicts and negotiation
  • Etc...
    • 3) Education psychology
    • School ability and inability
    • Development disorders
    • Specialized education
    • Disorder in language
    • School and careers guidance
    • Etc...


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